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  • “Amy is a great massage therapist. She listens to you, makes recommendations to best solutions, and then you reap the benefits of her techniques. You will come out of a massage with Amy and feel like a whole new person." ~ Dana M.


  • “After I was involved in a serious auto accident, I started seeing Amy to help me with the healing process. She is absolutely the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She has a great personality and makes sure her clients are comfortable with everything she does. Amy is such a terrific person, I still see her on a weekly basis. I consider her my friend as well as my massage therapist.”  ~ LeeAnne H., Statesville


  • “Amy is definitely very thorough, listens well and is always genuinely polite. I continue to see her as my massage therapist, and would certainly recommend her!” ~ Shannah H., Troutman

  • "I was having troubles with knotting muscles in my shoulders, and not only did Amy work the knots out, she gave me recommendations on ways to keep the muscles feeling better with certain stretches and excercises. Amy is a very knowledgeable and detailed therapist....I would recommend everyone go see her to help keep a healthly body!" ~ Nathan D., Mooresville


  • "I have had chronic lower back problems for about 10 years now, which had resulted in the need for continual chiropractic visits about every month to keep my lower vertebras from slipping out of place. My chiropractor told me to try a Message Therapist to keeping the muscles from tightening up. Since I have been going to Amy I am able to keep my back in place on my own. I only go to the chiropractor for check up alinements every six month to a year. It is always a pleasure to go for a visit, and the personalized care I have received is more than I ever expected. Thanks to her caring and understanding over my need I can now live without daily lower back pain." ~ Mike D., Kannapolis


  • "I known and worked with Amy on several occassions. She is one of the best massage therapists that I know. She is very personable and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet her. She has a great understanding of the human body and the functions that the muscles perform. This allows her to work out any muscular problems that you may have either from playing sports, being stressed out or what ever your need may be for a massage. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone and everyone if you are looking for an awsome massage." ~ Angela S., Mooresville


  • "As someone who travels for a living, my shoulders, neck and lower back take a beating while on an airplane. Its important and critical to find someone who not only takes pride in their work but listens to the issues and challenges of her clients and works to ensure everything is addressed proffessionally and personably. I would highly recommend Amy to those that look for "peace of mind" when in search of a qualified and professional Massage Therapist." ~ Stephanie J., Huntersville


  • "Amy and Massage to Go is one service I cannot live without! Her professionalism, expertise and great techniques made me feel like a brand new person. I hadn't had much movement in my neck for 7+ years, but after having a massage from Amy, I could tilt my head, side to side, all the way. No back pain, no shoulder pain, I was pain free and could do many movements. I recommend Amy and Massage to Go to anyone, anywhere!!!!!! She is the best massage therapist there is, hands down!" ~ Sue S., Charlotte


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